and… We’re Off!

Science and Garden classes are in session!  Every student in grades K-5 visits the Acorn room twice a week for an hour each time.  Learning and behavior expectations are woven into the beginning of our science units the first week.

  • Students met as a whole class in front of the SmartBoard and in their table groups.
  • Students made their first entries into their science notebooks.
  • Students collected data and thought about precision.

It was a productive week!

  • Kindergarten began a study of the five senses which they actively used in an exploration of trees and leaves of the Trinity campus.
  • Grade 1 investigated the seeds inside blueberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, and other botanically defined fruits.  They were then prepared to scour the garden for the seeds of new generations after a summer of finished life cycles.
  • Grade 2 remembered adaptations and found the ones animals use in the hot, cold, dry desert.
  • Grade 3 is discovering the power of heat.  They measured thermal energy in the garden for our Garden Data Project.
  • Grade 4 practiced using their iPads for research as they became Ichthyologists, using terminology to describe fish adaptations.
  • Grade 5 collected data about the surface of the Earth by random sampling during a game of toss with globe inspired beach balls.

It has been a busy, but fun-filled week of scientific discovery.  Here’s to the many weeks to come!