New Eyes


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Trying on something new can be so enlightening!  I put a view of Maine in front of my eyes for three weeks this summer; the ecology of the Bay of Fundy system, organic farming, community service, native ways, lobster fishing, Eleanor Roosevelt, Atlantic salmon, bogs, birds, astronomy, rockweed, birches, and isostatic rebound (and more).  But it wasn’t just the view that I enjoyed.  I put my face in a tide pool and tasted a lobster for the first time.  We lay down on the earth to feel glacial pressure relief, and our own.  Every morning I put on my binoculars and listened to warblers, vireos, and sparrows before breakfast, and every night I remembered my day by writing and drawing it into my nature journal (aka. science notebook).  The pleasure of being a student!  I return full of gratitude for this exciting life, and happy to have the opportunity to share my new eyes with you!

The first step has been to change the theme of this blog- check out the front page!  The posts might not line up as I originally intended, but new ones should be on spot.

I hope every new pair of eyes that sees this has a fantastic week ahead!



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