Save the Bay, What a Day!

Fifth grade pen pals from Trinity and Beechwood Schools met yesterday for the first time while working to restore wetland habitat.  With our restoration education specialists from Save the Bay we learned about the important role marshes play in our watershed; how they clean water before it enters the bay, how they absorb flood waters and big waves, and provide habitat for many animals including the endangered Salt marsh harvest mouse and the Clapper rail.

Then we got to work.  We planted, mulched, and watered.  We noticed the different soil treatments in the areas we worked and learned more about the strategies Save the Bay is using to restore wetlands all over the San Francisco Bay Area.  We found cool things like a pelvis bone and a snake skin.  There was some laughing and playing too, especially at lunch by the big mysterious posts that are sticking up from the ground in one part of Byxbee Park, our restoration site.  Thanks to all the parent helpers who helped make this special day possible- I hope it was special for you, too!  There’s nothing like a beautiful day spent outside doing something good for the planet with new friends!

Special thanks to Save the Bay for helping us today, and for helping the bay every day!

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