Classification, Conclusions, Sand, and Clouds

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A little glimpse into two science classes from this week:

Grade 2 classified sands this week, using microscopes and a sorting chart to measure and define the differences between sands from as close as Half Moon Bay and as far away as Staten Island, NY.  Cries of, “There are crystals in here!” and, “Wow, check out this one!” were audible in the room, as students recorded their observations, examined them against their hypotheses and determined the reasonability of their conclusions.

Grade 4 had their head in the clouds this week, in a manner of speaking, since we are studying all things Earth this half of the year (which includes space and aliens in addition to weather and geology- more soon).  Students made a weather window with pictures and definitions of different types of clouds.  Several had a chance to use theirs yesterday to view and classify the one cirrus cloud that hung up our sky.  Their windows remain in the Acorn room while we all cross our fingers that clouds will show up in time for next week’s classes.

There’s nothing like inquiry to open our eyes to the world around us and remind us how much more there is to wonder about.



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