I Notice, I Wonder

How does inquiry begin?

What do you notice?

I notice that the sun is coming through the windows a little bit, though I remember earlier that there were grey clouds.

Noticing is observation.  The first part of inquiry is being able to observe the diversity of things that are happening around you.  Our senses help us observe.  Once you have noticed something, you can wonder about it…

I wonder if the air outside is warmer now that the sun is out?

I wonder if it would be a good time to visit the garden?

I wonder how long the sun will shine today?

I wonder if we will get any rain this weekend?

By filtering our wonders though our observations, we can formulate questions that we want to find out.  Some of these questions require patience and continued observation, some questions I can predict, some questions I can test, and some I can research.  Once you invest in the question by asking something you are truly curious about, it is hard to avoid the search for its answer.  If you’re lucky the answer will come in the form of a new question!

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