Through the Eyes of a Fifth Grader

Yesterday, Peter Winch from the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary visited Grade 5 science to talk about sharks via the Sharkmobile program.  He had shark jaws, egg cases, and even whole sharks (not alive) to share some of the amazing things scientists know about sharks, their adaptations, and their ecology.  Students were allowed to use their iPads during the talk to take photos, or videos, or even record the talk.  While I wondered how using the iPad would change the experience, I noticed the way attention moved from how to capture what might be interesting, to interest in what was being said, and back to wanting to capture that information so it could be accessed later.  I took no photos of my own, seeing the number of devices in use, and asked instead at the end of class for any good photos to post here today.  So the photos in this slideshow are straight from the eyes of our curious minded fifth graders.  Enjoy!

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Thank you to Pari, Roman, Piper, Ella, Sarah, Ellen, Kyle, Mark, Lauren, and Sofia for the photos in this slideshow!


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