Full of Hot Air

Grade 3 is learning about heat, and this week they got to see it in action!  With this 60 ft long and thin plastic bag that reached almost the whole length of the basketball court, we observed the absorbent power of the color black, the transfer of heat energy to the air trapped inside, and we watched the lift of hot air as it rose high into the sky.  In the following photos you don’t get to see the four students who ran with this 60 ft long bag around the basketball court four times to fill it with air, but I hope you can imagine how silly and exciting it was to watch heat do exactly what we expected.

“It’s a miracle!” one student said. “It’s science!” I replied.  “It’s a science miracle!”

I left it at that.


2 thoughts on “Full of Hot Air

  1. Not only does it demonstrate the effect of warm air rising but it also points out the solar energy potential. Good job!

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