Appreciating Beauty

by Elizabeth and Sarah, Grade 4

by Sofia, Anya, and Caroline, Grade 5

A friend of mine, 7th and 8th grade science teacher Brian Ravizza, was telling me about a class he was teaching when a magical moment occurred.  During an experiment a student responded with wonder, “science is like magic!” to which Mr. Ravizza responded, “Actually, the world we live in is magical and we are able to see that magic through the lens of science!”  What a great way to say it, I thought.  I was reminded of his story this week while hearing my students talk about the the peace and beauty they find in the natural world.  Magic!

Grade 5 visited Monterey Bay Aquarium on Wednesday in conjunction with our study of the Open Ocean.  At the end of our day we had an opportunity to sit quietly within view of the ocean, in the the sun and salty air, with a question: Why should we care? When we convened on the grass to share our thoughts many people shared poems, and included a feeling of being relaxed, peaceful and inspired.  Why should we care?  Because we are inspired and peaceful?  Because the ocean provides half the air we breathe and gives a home to half the animals on the planet?  Yes, yes and yes.  The magic of it all!

Yesterday Grade 4 and Grade 5 students diligently searched their garden data for modes and medians with, I hope, some understanding of the magic behind those numbers.  Graphing becomes fun when magic is involved.  And when students finished their work and had some free time, these poems (above) were composed.  I hope they can provide you with some inspiration for the weekend ahead.  May the magic of this world fuel you as well!


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