Trees, Touch Ninjas, and Coyote Ears

Deciduous Leaf Man

Kindergarten students begin each school year immersed in an exploration of the natural world of Trinity School’s beautiful campus.  We study trees, a single yet variable organism, and move eventually to study the communities trees live in. Concurrently we study the 5 Senses in Garden class, learning how to use our ears like a coyote and our eyes like an owl.  Our 5 senses are our built in science tool kit, helping us understand our world better.

“What are those sticks that come from the leaves,” asked one student on Monday as we read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.  We talked about veins on leaves while looking at our own veins, wondering what else we have in common with trees.  We are connected to trees.  Students breathe in and out mindfully near the trees on campus, breathing out carbon dioxide to the trees, and breathing in the oxygen they offer- what a gift.  In fact, I recently read an interesting segment via NPR about the fact that trees are made up of air– what a concept to ponder!

The Bag of Senses

Today we made Mystery Touch Bags, or Touch Ninja bags as some students preferred to name theirs.  Each student decorated their bag with images of the five senses and used them to hide objects from view so they could test their sense of touch.  The energy was high in the room as we tested and tested, finding new ways to know common objects.

I love watching and listening to descriptions of the objects, hearing how touch allows us to know something deeper than we would with our eyes.  But I didn’t get to do too much watching since I heard a lot of, “Ms. Still! Test mine!”.  If you’re looking for something fun to do this coming three day weekend, this is it.  Find a bag, call it a Bag of Senses or a Touch Ninja bag and see how well your sense of touch works, it’s really fun.


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