When I was a snake wrangler…

There were a couple moments this summer that I got to hold rainforest snakes in my hands: I was a snake wrangler.

Disclaimer: Please know that I would always wait for a herpetologist (a reptile and amphibian scientist) or other similarly knowledgable person to help me know if a snake is poisonous before touching it.  In this case I was doing research with a group of herpetologists in the rainforest in Ecuador- I was surrounded by experts.

I love how smooth a snake’s scales are, and how powerfully their muscles stretch to move through my fingers or around my limbs.  Have you ever noticed that the scales on the top of a snake are different from the scales at the bottom of the snake?  I heard that the bottom scales on a snake inspired the kind of wheels/tires that get put on big construction equipment (like a backhoe) for moving efficiently through any kind of terrain.  So many inventors use nature as their inspiration!

Summer is a great time to step out of ourselves and try something new: a new experience, a new schedule, a new friend, a new habit, new food… and I love to try new things.  In the picture at the top I am trying on a Rainbow Boa.  Does it suit me?

 What did your adventures surprise you with this summer?