Summer Science Adventure

I left in such a hurry as school ended, I didn´t get to give a proper thanks for a wonderful year of learning and growing. I feel blessed to be part of such a vibrant learning community. Below is a post about my travels, again, in Ecuador. This year I helped for two weeks on a high school research trip and am now off to do environmental education and citizen science in two communities near reserves along the coast of Ecuador. I hope this post finds all well and happy and enjoying a beautiful summer. Cheers! Ms. Still

Biodiversity PEEK

Our journey began with an airplane, then a bus, but it didn’t really begin until we climbed into a canoe on the Payamino river. The canoe was longer than I imagined it would be, wooden and seamless except for the place where a motor helped us more easily navigate upstream. The tree it once was became a vehicle for transporting families and bananas and other local treats up and down river more easily than could be navigated on foot. One person stood at the bow with a long stick to push off or redirect when necessary. All our bags and ten people fit inside. The driver walked fearlessly from one edge of the canoe to the other, and we sat on the sides with the humid air blowing through our hair on our way to San Jose de Payamino, a scientific research station on the river. Seven high school students…

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