The Tallest in the World

The Coast Redwood tree can stand more than 360 ft tall, can drink fog, and supports some animal species who never see the forest floor.  Other plants and even other trees can grow on soil made in the branches of this tree, and people can make tunnels through them big enough for a car to drive through.  And perhaps the most spectacular fact of all: they only live in one place on earth- the coastal areas of Northern California, including Trinity School!  What a pleasure it is to study this wonder in our own backyards.

It has some lessons to teach us also.  Below you can see a handful (or not full) of redwood seeds, enough to make 9 new trees.  These seeds are remarkably small- about the size of a rolled oat- but grow to be the tallest living thing we know.  I like to think these seeds are like good deeds- the smallest kindness can be of the grandest importance when done in earnest.  In which case, this marvelous tree begs the question: what small seed will you plant in hopes that it grows to unimaginable heights?