Elephant Seals on our Heels

Grade 2 got to go on a very special trip

To see what makes Ano Nuevo so hip

It’s a habitat that’s protected

Which helped us feel connected

to the survival of the great Elephant Seal

We saw some weaned pups

who seemed contented enough

To enjoy their sandy home

Until hungry they roam

Toward the ocean, that great Elephant Seal

The bulls were quite large

With proboscis and scars

And they grunted to show

Which females they know

Quite a chorus makes the great Elephant Seal

And in the end we enjoyed

All of nature’s noise

The sand and the sun

Walking with everyone

Spending time with the great Elephant Seal

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One thought on “Elephant Seals on our Heels

  1. I love to read the science blogs. They make me smile and wish that books could live closer nature and not get all wrinkly when they get wet. Beautiful day. Beautiful kids. How lucky can we all be? Thanks for sharing. BZ

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