Restoration Destination

With only 10% of original Bay marshland left intact; important for flood control, for cleaning water before it enters the ocean, and as a home to endangered species; spending time working to restore our wetlands could leave us all healthier and happier in so many ways.  Save the Bay leads restoration projects throughout the Bay Area.  If you would like to participate in one of their restoration days as an individual or with your family, visit their web page to find out more!  Love Your Marsh Week is coming up (Feb 14-17), what better way to spend Valentine’s week than to show your marshes how much you care!  Get in on the action!

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The Baylands was the destination, and our mission: Restoration.  Grade 5 is studying water and watersheds, and this is but one stop on our journey to understanding the ways water moves through our environment and how we can help keep our watersheds clean.

The day started with a game and a first time meeting of their Beechwood pen pals: it was clear there was more in store for this day than work.  Students from Trinity and Beechwood stood together as a watershed: making mountains and rivers with their bodies, acting out the hustle and bustle of cities, and cleaning the water as marshlands.  Then Trinity and Beechwood students stood together FOR our watershed.  We planted Seaside Arrow Grass and Creeping Wild Rye with the help of Dylan and Jack, our wonderful Save the Bay leaders.  Everyone talked and noticed things around them and helped each other.  It seemed a lot less like work than work sometimes feels.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather and the wide open expanse that is the Baylands.  A snake that must have been somebody’s lunch garnered a lot of excitement, with its vertebrae exposed as well as part of its skin and patterning, an educational distraction that was just another part of this unique day.

After planting we walked to the edge of the San Francisco Bay and appreciated the very thing we had been working for; the great connection that we all share living in the Bay Area.  Walking back to our planting area, we gathered up the buckets and planting trays and gloves, students sharing the loads with one another and working together once again.  For our final hurrah, students and adults together attacked a patch of mustard, pulling the invasive plant from the rain softened soil before it could get bigger.  Pulling mustard was like a celebration for the place we had enjoyed all day, and it left us with something to hold up in victorious delight for all we had: time spent in a beautiful place with new friends doing work for a place that does so much for us!  Who knew that a day of restoration would leave us feeling so restored?


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