Worm Love

Compost has taken a new twist this year.  With the new green bins from Recology, we can now compost everything edible without too much thought.  Students have been learning this new system faithfully, and the Grade 2 compost job has been a big question mark.  Until now…

After learning about worms with interactive pal Vermi the Worm, who tells jokes and dresses in costumes and says things like, “Use the compost, Luke,” we were able to make a list of the things worms need to live.  A dark home with water, soil from outside (so they have other invertebrate friends to feast with), newspaper bedding, and food.  “Ewww, Yuuuck!” say two dining worms at a worm bin table when discussing the time they were served meat and cheese.  Worms love to eat most everything vegetable, turning it into valuable vermi-compost.

The last two days of class with Grade 2 we spent out in the garden.  Some shredded newspaper, some prepared the dirt with its requisite moisture content (not sloppy gloppy, or muddy), and some cared for the worms donated from the bin that now lives at ECP who were living in a paper towel inside a ziplock bag.  The worm care-givers opened the bag to accept new members of the worm composting crew from the worm hunters who dug through a garden bed to find enough to populate our worm bin.

Then came the task of making their home.  We layered the paper on the bottom of the inner container, then the prepared soil on top.  Next it was time for the worms.  Our worm care-givers carefully distributed the worms to each table for well-wishes before they entered this new home.  They were dropped one by one onto the soil, then covered with more newspaper bedding.  As a final well-wish we poured water on the newspaper so it wouldn’t dry them out and closed the lid.

Next task: helping our school community know what to put in our worm food collection containers…