Dinosaurs through Time

Dinosaurs have an important relationship to the time they inhabited the earth.  Their reign spanned 183 million years, far more than us humans with only 4 million years to speak for.  Just think of the Earth and its 4.6 billion years: to the rocks we live on dinosaurs just happened, and humans have barely made themselves noticed (or have we?).

To discover just what time means, and how long millions and billions are, Grade 2 dove into Geologic Time on Wednesday.  We dove into the idea of making time a book that contained one page for every year, which- if you ask me- is not really enough space to describe everything that happens in a  year.  But this is about efficiency right?  So, this book would be 4,600,000,000 pages.  That’s a book that is 145 miles thick (yes, thick!).  To read this book the average reader would need 17,503 years!  This is not really looking very efficient, is it?  What if we read really fast, like 2 pages a second?  Then it would only take 73 years- no fair sleeping or eating though, that would add some extra time.  See what kind of information we dove into?

So when Grade 2 was tackling the mere 183 million years of dinosaur existence on our cupboard timeline, it seemed much more manageable.  And looking at how dinosaurs changed over time never fails to bring interesting conclusions.  They became bigger, evolved more species with wings, and grew to be a more diverse group of animals.

I wonder how human-ness might change if we can hang on for 183 million years?  One day at a time…


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  1. Wow, I didn’t know that! We’re just infants compared to dinosaurs. The next thing will be how we adapt to our environment with over 7 billion of us now on the planet.

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