Mysterious Letter Leads to Curious Exploration

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Grade 3 was introduced to their own special “I spot” (or “Eye spot”) today at Sharon Park.  With a letter to guide the magic of the event (see the slideshow above), they were encouraged to use their senses to find and explore their unique spot.  Many chose to write about their spot in their notebook, making lists of the things they spotted, drawing pictures of what they saw and heard, and even creating games to play.  As the year progresses we will continue to visit our “Eye spots” to notice changes and to use different tools to record what we find.

“It was peaceful,” I heard behind me as we walked toward school.  I agree.  There’s nothing like quietly exploring a new place.  I’m looking forward to the discoveries that have yet to be made in these spots.

Do you have a special place you go to sit and wonder about the world around you?


3 thoughts on “Mysterious Letter Leads to Curious Exploration

  1. Yes, I have a place. It’s called my backyard. Love the idea you have presented to the 3rd Grade class. What a wonderful experience for them!

  2. I am simply tickled pink with wild-nature goosebumps to see these pictures and know that your students have found EyeSpots of their own right near their school. Excellent to the utmost! Stephanie

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