Dive Right In…

That’s what I felt like doing this morning when I got to school- rainy weather and all.  I am not talking about any special puddle, or what might now be a rushing drainage creek in the Nature Path- I am talking about the Kelp Forest Ecosystem that is coming together inside the Acorn Room window!  (You can peek at it from the path outside the library, looking down at the bottom window of the learning center).

Walking into the classroom this morning, was like walking into an underwater paradise with a watery backdrop.  So far every class to visit this room has made a comment about how nice it looks.  To build the backdrop for the Kelp Forest Ecosystem, Grade 4 learned the parts of a kelp plant: the holdfast (like roots), the stipe (like a stem), the frond (like a branch), the blade (like a leaf), and float or air bladder for getting that plant high enough to reach the sun to make food.  Next week we will add animals to this habitat and watch it come to life even more!

Through this project we get to see how all the parts of a community work together, while working together as a community to build it- each of our pieces combining to make the whole.  Just as we all contribute to the unique community of our classroom or work environment or home life, the kelp forest reminds us that every home depends on all of its members to be healthy.  A healthy habitat contributes to a healthy community, and many healthy communities contribute to a healthy planet.  To our health! 

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