Inquiring Minds

If there’s one thing students dive into wholeheartedly- its Inquiry!  My goodness!  Give a Grade 4 student a pile of zippers, some brown and green fabric, and cornstarch packing peanuts- and a Kelp Forest comes to life!  (And the tornado of materials that exploded around the room reversed itself in 7 minutes!)  Or tell a Grade 2 dinosaur expert that a whale-like fossil was found across the street at the Linear Accelerator and hear them conclude that Menlo Park must have been underwater at one time, an idea they can then use to make a conclusion about their own sandbox excavation!  And if you give a Grade 3 student tools to make a Glovaphone don’t be surprised when Mrs. Zamost comes over to find out what that strange noise is.  Its been an exciting week so far in the Acorn Room.  Projects galore!

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