Tidepool Survivor part 2- Stayin’ Alive!

Looking for a good spot on the rocks

This is a project that started last week: our plans were made and our creatures were built to survive the waves’ forces, a predator’s bite, or the sun’s drying rays.  So who survived?  What shapes shed water the best?  What spots in the rocks were the best places to hide?  Did extra shells help?  Did the water reach their bodies to help them stay wet?  To these questions, only a Grade 1 student could provide the answer.  As each creature faced the giant wave of hose water that came at them from my direction, each student made new choices in response to what happened to them and to those before them.  At the end of each test was the opportunity to further help their tide pool creature adapt to that unique environment- sometimes successfully, sometimes not.  We were like a sped up version of evolution.  My favorite part about the day is how fun it is to be outside on a sunny Autumn day working on projects with friends.  From the smiles I noticed, I think Grade 1 thought so too.

The Adaptation Workshop


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