16 Ways to Reduce Energy Use

Here’s what Grade 3 thinks they can do to reduce their use of energy, maybe you’ll be as inspired by these ideas as I am:

I could use fuel cells.

Use solar and wind energy to run my mom’s car.

Turn off the lights and open the shades and use sunlight instead of the lamp.

Put on a sweater instead of turning up the heat.

I can let light in my room instead of turning on a lamp to read or write.

I can turn off the lights more.

Make sure the lights are off when we leave the house.

Use a bowl to mix things instead of using a blender.

Use electronics less.

Stop using TV.

I can turn off all the lights in a room if no one is in the room.

I can start doing my homework outside instead of using a lamp.

Carpool and switch to CFL light bulbs and turn off lights.

Turn off the lights when it is sunny.

Switch to CFL light bulbs.

I think that I can turn off the lights when I go to bed.

What will you do to reduce your energy use?