That Crazy Black Bag on the Basketball Court

To explain all of what happened today I would have to take you through all the things we have learned so far.  There have been experiments and radiometers and thermometers and lots of discussion about heat.  So today when we pulled a Solar Bag out to try on the basketball court, no one but Grade 3 was ready for what it would show us.

Our question: What will happen to the long black plastic bag if we unravel it, put air inside it, and gather the sun’s energy?

The answer lies in the results- but another question remains: Why?  While you ponder, check out these real life results!

It stretched across almost 3/4 of the lower basketball court!

Then it had to be filled with air.

Then we watched and waited and held on.

Up it went.






One thought on “That Crazy Black Bag on the Basketball Court

  1. WOW! Brandon was so excited about this heat and air experiment and the pictures are great! What a tremendously long bag! It is surprising that it was able to rise up so quickly. I think the 3rd graders will always remember that hot air goes up.

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