If you had any Adaptation, what would it be?

Like super powers, adaptations help living things to survive.  Would you want nurse shark fins to help you swim?  Or a peacock tail to scare predators away with eye-like feathers?  Or would you choose to have Siberian Tiger legs for keeping warm, like permanent leg warmers?

Grade 1 built their wild selves as a class today: Chomper and Swingy, both ferociously adapted for all kinds of survival.   Meet Swingy to the left.  Chomper is out exploring the interwebs, I’m still looking for him in my inbox…

Happy Wednesday!


One thought on “If you had any Adaptation, what would it be?

  1. What an awesome and fun assignment! Swingy appears to be a formidable specimen of evolution. Eat your heart out, Great White Shark!

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