10 Awesome Things from This Week in Science and Garden

In no particular order:

  • Finding buried potato treasure in the garden with Kindergarten and Grade 2.
  • Grade 3 students agreeing to wait, if necessary, to taste strawberries and raspberries in order that they all might enjoy a taste of sweet garden fruit.
  • Realizing that Sorrel is really (really) nature’s version of Sour Patch Kids.
  • Piecing together an ocean food web with Grade 5, and deciding how to determine “the answer”.
  • Studying something that doesn’t have an easy answer.
  • That roly polys are always fascinating, no matter how often (every time) they are found in the garden.
  • Hearing unified Grade 4 laughter while reading a true story about a spunky sea otter who defies plans made for him by marine biologists.
  • Attempting to demonstrate the way tides work using a large light bulb and rotating around puzzled Grade 1 students as the moon.
  • Wondering what it would be like to be a gastropod (stomach-foot), eating while sliding around on one large foot.
  • Seeing the beautiful photos and videos taken with ipads in the garden by Grades 4 and 5, including this one below.

A shortened version of the Rainforest Research presentation has been posted (a new page- upper right corner of this page), in case you were unable to come or would like to see it again.

Wishing you an awesome weekend!