Space Live!

I gave up my TV in college and still live TV free, until today.  This morning I came across NASA TV on the web and I am hooked!  I just watched one astronaut get a meal out of a compartment, it took about 3 minutes.  He floated.  I wondered what that felt like.  Then he propelled himself, dive-like, past Satoshi Furukawa, a Japanese astronaut who came into the same compartment to fix something.  I was thinking about moments ago, passing by parents and students and teachers with a “good morning”.  What if we had to dive/float past one another doing the breast stroke?  Mission Control Houston narrates this live stream of the Space Station.  Now Satoshi is removing protein crystals from somewhere inside the ceiling… it would make maintenance so much easier to have zero gravity.  I’ll have to talk with Ms. Chan.

Special thanks to those of you who attended the Science and Garden Coffee yesterday morning.  Every time I share the rainforest and frog photos and all the takeaways from that learning experience, I feel like I get to visit there again.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I can connect that far away experience to this real world learning environment.  I am attempting to figure out how to post the presentation (it is a rather large file).  More on that later.  See you all at Back to School Night!


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  1. Cool Marisa! I was thinking about you when I saw a news item on tv – NASA is selling for a small fee meals that are not to be consummed and parts of the shield to schools – don’t know if you’d be interested but sounded kinda fun! Hope things are good with you!

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