Fun Friday Frog (with a message of great importance)

This is a glass frog I’ve nicknamed Puppy Dog Frog.  When I saw this photo after standing silent and still in the dark for what seemed like thirty minutes while we tried to record this glass frog calling (which is how we found it in the first place) I thought the effort had been rewarded.  I don’t think we got the video we wanted, so maybe this is an “I’m sorry, but at least you get this awesome photo” look.  Or a “please help the rainforest” look.  I prefer to think it was a “why not go to the Science and Garden Coffee on Wednesday, September 14 from 8:20-9am to find out more about rainforest research and how Trinity students might learn more about this at school?” look.  Persuasive little creature…  I promise a video of a glass frog’s beating heart.  Kudos to Brian Ravizza for getting this shot and sharing with me.  Hoppy weekend!


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