When the Teacher is not the Teacher

Learning happens, whether or not we try, every day.  Teachers are everywhere.  Some of my favorite teachers are outdoors, but I find that I don’t always get to pick the lessons I’ll learn in a given day.  Often I learn from the students in each class, or from recess and lunch discoveries, which reminds me how fortunate we all are to have a community to learn with and from.  When we work together we have even more opportunities to learn.

This week Science classes started in the Acorn Room with one of my favorite kind of teachers- a game!  The game helped us learn about awareness- an important tool for any scientist.  By acknowledging the purpose, and discussing strategies as the game progressed, the game was an even better teacher.  This teacher is helping me to tell the story of my summer science experiences, and to introduce the science of frog description to every student.  When the game ended and my story began, hands went up in the air with stories of similar experiences at home and abroad.  With all those connections, and knowing the content I hope to include in every class, I have become extra excited for the year ahead.

So I’ll leave you with an image of lichen, one of my favorite teachers.  This organism survives because of the two parts that make it work- algae (or cyanobacteria) and fungus.  If you haven’t heard, Alice Algae and Freddy Fungus took a Lichen to each other (you can imagine me slapping my knee as I tell you- get it?).  If it weren’t for the way these two parts work together this vision might never have been made real.  For that, and every other learning moment, I am truly thankful.

Who were your teachers today?