Eat Your Strawberries

I was reminded today of one of my favorite stories:

A boy is in the jungle when he notices a tiger following him.  The boy starts to walk faster and the tiger continues to creep up behind him.  The boy starts to run and the tiger continues following the boy.  Suddenly the boy reaches a cliff.  He looks back at the tiger, then back over the cliff.  There is a vine.  He jumps to the vine just in time.  As he descends a little he sees the tiger peering at him from the edge of the cliff.  Then he notices another tiger below him, at the bottom of the vine- waiting for him.  A tiger above and a tiger below.  Then, out of the corner of his eye he sees a bright red flash of color from the side of the cliff- a strawberry!  So he swings the vine, picks the strawberry and savors every morsel.

The moral of the story: Eat Your Strawberries!

I found some strawberries today, and they were really strawberries (thank you again summer garden stewards)!  Raspberries too, some with the promise of future sweet savory moments.  Whether metaphorical or literal, finding life’s strawberries can change a day full of tigers into a series of sweet moments.  Happy Tuesday!