Discoveries at Home

Since returning from adventures abroad, I have not been able to sit still!  And I am a Still!  There is so much to be gained from having new perspective on the world which, for me, manifests in a desire to explore my own backyard.  In every interesting place I visit I relate to the things I understand first, and I understand best what I know from my everyday life.  Being away reminded me not only of what I already know, it also got me thinking about what I might have missed.  In this post I have included two pictures of spider webs from my backyard.  The orb web (classic spiral web) is just outside my door- the smart spider that makes that web (and hides in the wind chime below it) has taken advantage of the light that is turned on inside when it is dark.  All the insects that are attracted to my window get caught in the web first.  In the other picture are some dome webs from a trail in Wunderlich Park (can you see them?).  There are other kinds of webs, of course, click on this link to find out more.  And keep exploring those wonder-full backyards!  See you back at school soon!



3 thoughts on “Discoveries at Home

  1. Hi Marisa!! These are pretty – I have a bunch of pine trees behind my place and sometimes when the morning light is just right I see these fantastic creations too! Guess school starts soon?? Hope you are well and happy and you have a good year – don’t be a stranger up our way – you are welcome anytime!!

  2. Your students are so lucky to have a teacher who appreciates spiders! I’ve been living with the cutest jumping spider all summer. He hangs out in my kitchen curtains and looks like a fuzzy striped mini-watermelon seed! My other arachnid buddy lives in the hallway and has disguised himself and his web to look like dustbunnies. So cool. Thanks for sharing those webs and spider smarts Marisa. Stephanie

  3. Jumping spiders are fun to play with, but I’ve never had one living in my house. I’m trying to imagine a spider that looks like a fuzzy striped mini-watermelon seed…

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