Amazon Adventure

I am blessed to have a community to learn with, and for all the time I spend teaching I find that my greatest joys come from the things I learn from and with my students.  This year Grade 3 decided to Save the Rainforest for their STLT project at the same time I had been looking at an opportunity to participate in a research project in the Ecuadorian Amazon.  We found an organization in common, Reptile and Amphibian Ecology International (RAEI).  I applied to the Field Research Team for the Ecuadorian Amazon and Grade 3 donated money for them to continue their conservation work and made a movie which will eventually be posted on the RAEI site.

I love when things come together.

On Sunday night I leave for Ecuador.  After a few days acclimating in Quito I will meet the team I will work with and head into the Rio Bigal study area in the Northeastern part of Ecuador.  We will camp in hammock tents for 10 days, making transects through the noisy nighttime rainforest to collect reptiles and amphibians as we attempt to document the diversity of life in this unique ecosystem.  I will be keeping record of my time in Rio Bigal and will post reports of my adventure on this site when I find a good internet connection.

It will help me to feel connected to the school community while so far away, so please comment on the posts if you have something to say, and feel free to pass this blog along to friends and family and encourage them to do the same.  I will carry you all in my hearts.


Marisa Still


4 thoughts on “Amazon Adventure

  1. Hey Marisa,
    Wishing you a grand adventure and much success with your investigations. And speaking of amphibians…when my son, Mike, was in Central America he talked about a frog they called the
    “8 second frog” or something like that. If it bit you, you died within 8 seconds. Please stay away from that guy. Also, my first grade granddaughter recently studied the rainforest. We looked at a book together that showed a man in the rainforest squeezing a frog to get the poison out so he could put the poison in his arrows. Stay away from that procedure, too. I’d avoid anacondas, too. Otherwise, it sounds like you’re going to have a wonderful experience. As I always say to your mom, “Marisa’s living the life I want to live.” I love adventure. Can’t wait to hear all your stories.

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