What do Lupins and Trinity School have in common?

They bloom and grow each year, leaving behind seeds for new growth?  How poetic for a science blog!  However, not what I’ll attempt to convince you of in this post.  Instead consider Harry Potter.  I know, far-fetched- right?  Actually,  JK Rowling did her research.  It just so happens that Professor Lupin, one of Harry’s teachers at Hogwarts (it’s not the teacher connection either if that’s what you’re thinking) is also a werewolf (sorry if I spoiled it for anyone).  Canis lupus is the latin name of the grey wolf.  And Lupin flowers have a wolf claw, if you look closely (see picture).  So what do Lupins and Trinity School have in common- wolves… There you have it.  These were the first things we saw in the garden upon returning from spring break, what a gift!  If you get a close up look at these lupins, or any of the others in bloom, check for the wolf claw!