Another Library to Love

The USGS Library has a WOW factor named Michael Moore.  He showed us how to access books across libraries through, showed us books in other languages to remind us why we need to learn other languages (because Google Translate can only do so much!), and he showed us pictures of Trinity School from 1948, before Trinity was here!  And did you know that Menlo Park and Palo Alto were once owned by one person?  And she was a woman!  A woman from Mexico City.  During the same time she owned this land it was illegal for women to own land on the East Coast.

This picture shows Michael spreading out a map from a 160 year old book with detailed geological information about the US.  We made our lunch hungry bellies wait a little longer because he was such a fascinating speaker.  If I were to recommend one trip every person in Menlo Park should do at least once, its to visit the library at USGS.  There are rocks and books and librarians ready to help you access information that could make your dreams come true.  Just ask Michael about the woman who read every book she could about bubbles and landed herself a job in Hawaii because she learned enough to see ways to predict volcanic eruptions based on bubbles.  Made me want to open up a book and learn something new.  Cheers to Libraries!  And thanks to the USGS for hosting us today!


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