Rock’in California

We’ve got rocks.  They’ve been pushed and pulled and buried and melted and crystallized and bent.  California is a mover and a shaker if you know what I mean.  I love this map, put together by the educators at the California Academy of Sciences, a simplified version of the complex Geology of California.  In this map there is Sedimentary, Metamorphic, and Igneous rock represented.  This is the Rock Cycle in the context of Plate Tectonics.  Everything is connected, of course, and the only thing that never changes is the fact that everything changes.  Ponder this map and the questions that undoubtedly come from it to your heart’s content.  If you get confused, we have a fabulous resource at our fingertips- the USGS!  They are located on Middlefield Rd in Menlo Park!  Grade 4 will travel there next week to see what we can make of this billion year old story, but you and all of us can visit anytime.  Their library and map room are available as a resource to the public.  Here’s a link to a public program on April 28th about Earthquake Prediction!