What does our garden grow?

Look at the red line to see how much rain we got this weekend. The truth: we got more than 5 inches this weekend (the gauge only measures 5, but was over filled).

Fava Beans help the soil and are delicious. You can eat the leaves, flowers and seeds of this plant.

Tree Collards- a perennial collard, it only has to be planted once and will keep producing delicious greens to eat.

The wolf has been planted with Sweet Peas which you can see growing from its back.

Yellow lupine reseeds itself every year. Mrs. Harkness's favorite!

A Cardoon! Like an artichoke, but you eat the stem instead of the flower.

Lamb's Ears grow near the wolf and are soft and fuzzy.

Yellow Strawberries! If you look closely you can see the how the berry forms from the flower.

If its hairy, its a berry! Raspberries and strawberries share a triangle bed under the shade of the olive tree.

Chocolate Mint!

Potatoes, where are you?

This mint relative has been named "Sprite Plant" by Trinity students.

I'm not sure how we get so lucky, but every year we have cilantro that reseeds itself. I say if it is happy growing in our garden, we'll keep it!