Sprout Robot

I’ve been meaning to reach out to hopeful gardeners with this blog, as spring is technically here and I have talked with a few people who have questions about how to get started.  I have also struggled with how to approach the subject since I find that the experiment of it all is the secret to any successes we have in the Trinity garden.  If you are keen on the experimental side of gardening go for it.  Plant some seeds and see how it goes.  You can look at the back of a seed packet to see ideal planting dates.  I recommend setting aside a bed that your child can be in charge of also.  A place for them to freely experiment.  We practice things like digging and composting and transplanting at school, but having a space that is just yours for success and failure and trying again and eating the rewards is a priceless treasure.

So as I can see that I am rambling I will start here with one idea that might help all of us.  Sprout Robot is a site that will help you know when to plant what.  You just put your zip code in and you will receive email reminders of when to start what.  A good place to start.  More garden tips to come!