Muddy Hands and Baylands


Bayland soil- aka. MUD

Who lives in that mud?

To be exact- a handful has as many as 40,000 microorganisms in it!  These hands must have at least 10,000.

Pickleweed grows in that mud and is adapted to drink the brackish (partly salty) water, saving the salt in its pink tips that ultimately fall off the plant.

The mud helps to feed the long beaked, long legged birds that were discovered through binoculars on a birding hike.  Even snails get into the action as decomposers, making the mud a healthy place for new plants as it recycles the wastes of the Baylands.

Who lives in that mud?

All the animals and the plants of the Palo Alto Baylands depend on the muddy soil of this wetland.  It was like spending a day at a science learning spa, surrounded by a big mud bath.

I recommend a visit if you haven’t yet been.  Take Embarcadero through Palo Alto toward the Bay until you get to the end, turn left at the stop sign, and you will find yourself in a whole different world.



Plant Walk path


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  1. Wonderfully educational. Love these blogs you produce. Very proud of your endeavor! I’m learning so much about the natural world by just reading these. Keep up the good work!

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