A Moment in Kindergarten Time

I have to take you back in time with this post.  We will be traveling back to Friday March 11th.  It is the end of the day, almost school store time, and almost the weekend.

We are learning about plant parts in Garden.  We started class with the song, “Roots, Stems, Leaves, Flowers, Fruits and Seeds”, which is a lot like “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” except you start from the toes and go up.  We kept going faster and faster until we had to sit down, a little out of breath, and worked on building a plant with all its parts using cut out paper.  I read from a book called Pass the Energy, Please! by Barbara Shaw McKinney about the important part plants play in the food chain.  We talked about plant parts for the entire hour, which made this final moment all the more puzzling and exciting.

When I finished reading a hand went up.  “Am I a male?” a boy asked.  “Yes,” I replied with a smile.  “Boys are males and girls are females.”  “So I’m a male!” he said.  “I’m a female!” another said, “I’m a male!” another said.  As the students pushed in their chairs they declared themselves males and females and walked in their lines out the door.  How the question came up, I’ll never know.  But now I can be sure that when I call something male or female there will be no question.  Sometimes the simplest learning opportunity is the most profound.  I couldn’t have planned that if I tried.  Thank you Kindergarten for helping me teach you what you need to know.


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  1. I just love reading your blogs. Your ability to write and describe bits and pieces of your day with the students just makes me smile. Today’s story was a gem. Congratulations! and Thanks, Becky Zeren

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