Water Testing

This week Grade 5 tested the water of “Trinity Creek”, the place where all our water collects at the bottom of the Trinity watershed (aka. the Nature Path).  We tested for pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature, and coliforms.  Dissolved oxygen helps water loving animals breathe underwater and is essential for their survival.  Temperature helps determine the saturation of the dissolved oxygen in the water, and pH indicates the acidity of the water.  Turbidity is the amount of “stuff” in the water, and using that as a baseline we can decide what the “stuff” is.  The “stuff” could be coliforms; bacteria like E.coli which live in the colons of animals and are discarded with their excrement.  It should be expected, with a healthy community of animals and plants living around us, that coliforms are present in natural water sources.  So it isn’t surprising to find that our coliform test came out positive.  It is prudent to drink water from purified sources, though even before knowing about the coliforms we knew that the water had significant amount of “stuff” in it and should not be drinking water.  We could also tell that the water in Trinity Creek is a healthy place for some animals to live, given its acidity (7, neutral) and the 41% saturation of dissolved oxygen.  We can surely give thanks for the rain that feeds our plants and cleans our surfaces and know that our campus contributes to a healthy watershed that creates a healthy environment for living things.


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