Some perspective…

In the largest sense our habitat is the Earth on which we live.  All the pools and hills and mountains and valleys and insects and deer and fishes and birds and people and everything that is here is connected by the fact that we all live on this planet.  And this planet is an amazing planet.

This planet found its perfect place in the Solar System- not too close and not too far from the Sun.  We have had 4.6 billion years to evolve bacteria and plants and animals and an atmosphere that protects our breathing lungs and supports our moving bodies.  As it cools it sometimes breaks through the crust and wows us with volcanoes and makes us tremble with earthquakes.  All the parts of the universe that crashed into Earth as it was forming helped it become composed of the minerals we make money from and help to grow our most nutritious vegetables.

Grade 4 has been looking at models of our Earth as we begin to understand more about our unique habitat from the perspective of Geology.  They have wondered if an egg could be a good model of the Earth and today worked together to draw a chalk model of the earth on the upper basketball court.  They were both good in some ways, not good in some ways.  And in the end, we know more about this place we call home.