A Good Habitat

A habitat is a good habitat if its got food and air and a hiding place.  A little space to swim is also nice.  These two Casper fish are part of a group of 6 new fishes inhabiting our little Acorn Room fresh water aquarium.  You can see their hearts and all their inside parts because like Casper the Friendly Ghost these fish are see-through.  They arrived to a tank full of algae and some floundering snails.  They couldn’t go in.  It didn’t look good.  First thing I did was plant some oxygenating plants called Sagittaria to make sure that these algae eating fish could also breathe.  The snails multiplied overnight with their new found air.  Their little gastropod mouths have been heartily eating to keeping algae population down and their bellies fed since this life changing addition.  Then the fish went in.  They love it!  I keep checking, and they keep swimming.  Their food grows there, they can hide there (though there are no predators to hide from), they have other friends to clean the glass so we can all see them, and the plants photosynthesize and breathe out what the other animals are breathing in.  A habitat that takes care of itself, my favorite kind.  I’ve been searching for the right ingredient to balance out this ecosystem.  And if the “Oh, They’re So Cute!”s continue, I might just seek out another addition.  Because diversity is the spice of life, no?