Have you seen this plant?

Yesterday Grade 5 met their Beechwood Elementary School penpals at the Palo Alto Baylands.  Together they planted three types of plants that will help restore the important balance these wetlands need in order to clean our water before it gets to the bay, to provide a habitat for animals, and to prevent flooding in our neighborhoods.

One of the plants we planted has a very cool name and I never forget it- Sticky Monkey Flower.  There is a picture below to show you the Sticky Monkey plants we planted, but if you want to see the actual monkey-like flowers you’ll have to be a detective.  Can you find where these plants live on the nature path at school?  Click on the pictures for a better view.  If you can meet the challenge I will show you (when the flowers come out) a special trick monkey flowers can do.  You know where to find me…