Calling all Sands!

There is a great box hidden in one of the Acorn Room cupboards that hold inside samples of sand from all over California.  It is a mysterious and wonderful box full of crystals and rainbows (especially with a microscope).  In fact, check out these crystals:This was taken through the lens of an Acorn Room microscope.  Look at that rainbow!  Look at those crystals!  Grade 2 students investigated this question today: Do sands from different places look different?  But our sands are only from California.  That is why I am “Calling all Sands!”  With all the globetrotting the Trinity community participates in we could establish a worldly collection of sands to study.

If you are traveling to any part of the world where there is sand, to any beach by the ocean, or beach by a lake, or even a beach by a river, bring a sample of your sand back in a small labeled container and deliver to the Acorn Room.  Spread the word!


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