What does the Sun have to do with great music?

This question, a question I had not thought to ask, was introduced to me as an answer through a great web resource created by NASA for kids.  I can’t give you the answer here, you’ll have to visit the website yourself for the full explanation.  I can, however, give you the part that hooked me in:

We learn about the world by slicing it up into smaller pieces. We study history, geography, math, art, music, science, and lots of other subjects. But to really understand our world, we must reconnect the pieces to see how they all work together.

This is a story about connections. This is a story about how events on the Sun 300 years ago may have affected some of the beautiful music we still hear today. …

-from The Space Place

To read more about how the Sun and music are connected visit The Space Place for yourself.  You can also find games, stories, interviews, and projects to help you connect to the newest tools and discoveries in space- suitable for the whole family.  May this be a source of the kind of questions that take awhile to answer.  Happy wondering!



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  1. Thanks for the wonderful insight to the why the Stradivarius violin plays so much better than others equally well made. Just listening to the music was worth logging on to the site!

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