What does this face say to you?

We all communicate with one another using body language and facial expressions, sometimes we can’t even tell how revealing our faces are to other people!  This is one trait we have in common with our beloved Trinity mascot, the timberwolf.  Wolves reveal themselves to each other through their body language and facial expressions.  These expressions demonstrate the hierarchy within the pack, let others know when to leave them alone, invite each other to play, and help them show affection to one another.  To see wolves in real time, visit the wolf webcams that the International Wolf Center in Minnesota has set up in wolf habitat.  They refresh every five seconds with a new picture.  Some of the cameras have great sunsets and its sometimes possible to see the light change with a cloud overhead just by the light on the snow.  If you are lucky you’ll see a wolf, and you’ll see more and more the longer you stay.  Patience is its own reward.  Enjoy!