The Kelp Forest

It has come to life!  Since Thanksgiving Grade 4 has cut and taped and painted this kelp forest into the South window of the Acorn Room.  Just as the kelp forest would not be the same without many of the animals that make it unique and the connections they have to every animal in its food web, this kelp forest would not be the same without the unique talents and hard work of every fourth grade student.  If you are stopping by tonight or tomorrow you can view this kelp forest by looking down at the science room from the path that runs along the side of the library, or through the window in the library that looks down on the science room.  In case you notice an absence of otters in our ecosystem, you are not mistaken.  Ask any fourth grader where they have gone and they might also be able to answer why otters are considered a keystone species for the kelp forest- a species without which the kelp forest itself might not exist at all.  And if it weren’t for the kelp forest we might not know things like ice cream, gushers, and toothpaste- without which our lives might be very different!