Conversation with a Farmer

Grade 3 students interviewed Hallie Muller from Full Belly Farm this afternoon.  They read her their prepared questions over a Skype video call and were able to watch her responses from their seats on the Smart Board.  Here is a list of the questions Grade 3 prepared for her:

Do you live on Full Belly?
Do you give food to In-n-Out Burger?
What have you grown so far this year?
Why is Fully Belly called Full Belly?/How did you come up with the name “Full Belly Farm”?
How many fruits and vegetables do you grow there?
What is your favorite fruit and veggie you grow at Full Belly Farm?
Do you live on Full Belly Farm?
How many businesses do you have around the world?
Do you have beans?
What do you like most on Full Belly Farm?
Do you have animals at your farm?
Is the farm a family farm?
What stores do you sell your products in and if you used pesticides what crops would they be on?
Do insects get attracted to your food? If so do you keep the insects away?
Do you use a crop duster to water your plants?
Why is the hoes down festival called the hoes down festival?
Who owns Full Belly?
How many years have you worked at Full Belly?

The students were so polite!  They introduced themselves and said thank you when their question was answered.  It was interesting to use so many pieces of technology: Skype, the SmartBoard, and Mrs. Maffia even recorded the video of us talking with her!  Hallie let us know that she will be at the Palo Alto Farmer’s Market this Saturday from 8-12pm if you would like to say hello in person.  We tasted their carrots and can tell you from experience that their carrots are awesome!