Eleven Little Piggies, All in a (sort of) Row

Hidden Villa holds the secrets to where our food comes from.  Grade 2 pushed their fingers into the deep warm wooly coats of the sheep, learned how to milk a goat (if the udders were their partner’s fingers), placed food on their shoes to feed chickens, and ate every plant part in a secret plant covered hideaway in the garden.  But the part we just couldn’t tear ourselves away from was the pigs.  Eleven piglets were born in the pig pen just a week ago.  They were so eager to feed that it was difficult to get a clear picture of them.  Their tails wagged as they nursed, and mom lay patiently as we oooh-ed and ahhh-ed.  The first one to finish feeding walked toward  the door to head outside, but ended up trapped between the door and the wall of the pen with only a crack to peek through.  Eventually its siblings helped it see the way out.  So stomping around a farm in the mud was not so much of a chore after all.  And we are all the richer for the knowledge we gained from our visit.  This trip is just one of the many ways we make connections from farm to table in the garden program at Trinity.