Pink Ladies Visit the Acorn Room!

Clockwise from top left: Black Twig, Arkansas Black, Pink Lady

Of course I’m not talking about Grease, the movie- I’m talking about apples!  Something I am thankful for is this season that brings us together as families and friends to eat.  And the foods we eat tend to be the ones our season offers.  Apples are a great example.  Visit any farmers market and you will find unusual varieties that can’t be stored like red delicious or even fuji apples- the kinds you can always find.  Instead you will find the varieties that can only be sold at farmers markets because of their low yield, and their delicious flavor has created connoisseurs for these apples, even at school!  This week we had an apple tasting in Grade 1 and Grade 5.  We tasted Arkansas Black apples, Black Twig apples, and Pink Lady apples.  Of the three the Pink Ladies were the favorite of both classes.  So get yourself to a farmer’s market this holiday season, and get some pick’ns while the pick’ns are good.