How We Hear

The Pinna is the catchers mitt for sound.  Ours could be better.  Cup your hands behind your ears and try with a friend… can you hear them more clearly?  The sound bounces into the Ear/Auditory Canal and to the Eardrum which moves the tiniest bones in our body- the Ossicles.  Those three bones are first the Hammer (Malleus), which hits onto the Anvil (Incus), then moves the Stirrup (Stapes).  A hammer really does hit an anvil and the stirrup really does look like a stirrup- that’s how I remember.  And the stirrup hits the cochlea, filled with fluid and little hairs that catch the vibration and send the sound as an electrical impulse through a nerve to your brain.  And all this time you’ve been reading about the journey of just one sound your ears and brain have captured and analyzed more sounds than you can probably describe.  Isn’t that the essence of cool?  Hear!  Hear!

This is what Grade 3 learned about today.  And we do it every day!