Bread and Butter

Grinding wheat berries into whole wheat flour on our new grain mill

Grinding wheat into flour is only the first step to making great bread.  To be honest, we aren’t really making the bread at school, just baking it.  I started it at home with all purpose flour so it would have the time it needed to slowly rise.  That way we could actually bake and eat the bread at school.  Grade 4 looked at dry yeast, then proofed it with warm water and a little flour.  They watched my favorite part of bread making, watching the yeast fireworks as they start eating the starch from the flour.  The bread we are making required no proofing.  In fact, this recipe (No Knead Bread Recipe) claims to be the best around, and easy enough for a six year old.  It was easy enough for me, which might be all I could ask for.  Even though I knew that bread is made from little more than flour, water, yeast and salt, there are actually very few recipes that call for only those four ingredients.  In about one hour we will know how the bread experiment turned out.  That’s when we will use the experiment we did make in class- butter!  Yum.  I am thinking that no matter how this experiment turns out it will be delicious.


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  1. Charlie just told me about the really delicious bread you all made in class and the butter! We watched the YouTube video with Mark Bittman and the No Knead Bread chef. Might try to make it for Thanksgiving! Very fun. Thanks Ms. Still for making science so exciting at Trinity. Amy Hsieh

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